Public Outcry Over Royal Spending

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have found themselves at the center of controversy over their recent expenditure of public funds. Criticism has been directed at the couple for what some deem as extravagant spending on a hedge to enhance their privacy, raising questions about the necessity of such lavish expenses.

Questionable Allocation of Funds

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, a group advocating for the abolition of the monarchy, has condemned the reported £15,000 expenditure on a 950-foot hedge to shield the royal couple’s property from public view. Smith argues that such a significant sum could have been better utilized, considering the economic challenges faced by many individuals.

Graham Smith’s condemnation of the reported £15,000 expenditure on a hedge highlights broader concerns about the prioritization of public funds. As CEO of Republic, an organization dedicated to abolishing the monarchy, Smith’s criticism is rooted in principles of fiscal responsibility and equity.

At the heart of Smith’s argument is the notion that £15,000 could have been allocated to address pressing social and economic challenges facing individuals and communities across the country. In a time of economic uncertainty and austerity measures, such as those exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the allocation of funds towards a hedge for the royal couple’s privacy raises questions about the fairness and equity of resource distribution.

Moreover, Smith’s criticism reflects a broader sentiment of frustration among some segments of the public regarding the perceived extravagance and privilege associated with the monarchy. In an era marked by widening social inequalities and austerity measures impacting essential public services, the expenditure on a hedge for the private benefit of the royal family may be viewed as emblematic of wider systemic issues concerning wealth distribution and accountability.

Smith’s advocacy for the abolition of the monarchy underscores a desire for greater transparency and accountability in the allocation of public funds. From his perspective, the monarchy represents an outdated institution that perpetuates inequalities and diverts resources away from pressing social needs.

In summary, Graham Smith’s condemnation of the expenditure on a hedge reflects concerns about the equitable distribution of public funds and the broader implications of royal privilege in contemporary society. His perspective underscores the need for greater accountability and transparency in the management of public finances, particularly in relation to expenditures that benefit the royal family.

Debate Over Royal Privilege

Smith’s remarks underscore broader debates about the role of the monarchy and the perception of royal privilege. While acknowledging the privileged status of the royal family, critics argue that excessive spending of public funds raises ethical concerns, particularly in times of economic hardship for many citizens.

Palace Response and Public Scrutiny

In response to the criticism, the Palace offered a vague statement acknowledging periodic adjustments to landscaping and gardens, including hedging. However, this response did little to assuage concerns about transparency and accountability regarding royal spending practices.

Pattern of Excessive Spending

Smith’s criticism extends beyond the hedge incident, highlighting a pattern of lavish spending by members of the royal family. He points to extravagant travel expenses, including private aircraft and helicopter travel, as further examples of what he perceives as excessive spending at the taxpayers’ expense.

Continued Debate and Differing Perspectives

The controversy surrounding royal spending reflects ongoing debates about the monarchy’s role in modern society and the allocation of public funds to support royal activities. While some defend the monarchy’s traditions and contributions, others question the appropriateness of lavish spending in light of broader socioeconomic challenges.


As public scrutiny intensifies, the debate over royal spending is likely to continue, with differing perspectives shaping discussions about the monarchy’s role, accountability, and financial responsibility. The controversy serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding the monarchy’s place in contemporary society and the ongoing need for transparency and accountability in royal finances.

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