Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reacts to Larry David’s Rule Change Suggestion for UFL

A Spirited Conversation

Dwayne Johnson, part owner of the new United Football League (UFL), recently shared a humorous anecdote about a surprising phone call he received from none other than Larry David. During an episode of The Tonight Show, Johnson recounted how the Curb Your Enthusiasm creator reached out to him with a bold proposal: eliminate kickers from football games.

Larry David’s Unconventional Idea

Describing David as “f—ing crazy,” Johnson revealed that the comedian expressed disdain for the role of kickers in football, suggesting that games should not rely on their performances. Despite the unconventional nature of David’s suggestion, Johnson acknowledged the spirited conversation they had about the topic.

Larry David’s unconventional idea to remove kickers from football games stirred up quite the conversation between him and Dwayne Johnson. Johnson, known for his humor and charisma, didn’t hold back in describing David’s suggestion as “f—ing crazy,” showcasing the candid nature of their exchange. It’s clear that David’s perspective on the role of kickers in football challenged the traditional norms of the sport, prompting a spirited discussion between the two.

Johnson’s acknowledgment of the conversation’s spirited nature highlights the intensity with which David presented his idea. Despite the unorthodox nature of David’s proposal, Johnson seemed to appreciate the opportunity to engage in such an unexpected dialogue. This reveals a side of Johnson’s personality that is open to exploring unconventional ideas and perspectives, even if they initially seem outlandish.

Moreover, the fact that Johnson referred to David as “brilliant” underscores his admiration for the comedian’s intellect and creativity. Despite disagreeing with David’s suggestion, Johnson recognized the comedic genius behind the proposal and the humor inherent in their interaction. This mutual respect between the two figures speaks volumes about their ability to appreciate each other’s perspectives, even when they differ significantly.

In essence, Larry David’s unconventional idea not only sparked a humorous exchange between him and Dwayne Johnson but also showcased the value of embracing diverse viewpoints in discussions about sports and entertainment. It serves as a reminder that innovation often stems from challenging traditional norms and thinking outside the box, even if it means considering ideas that may initially seem absurd.

Embracing the Humor

Rather than dismissing David’s proposal outright, Johnson embraced the humor in the situation and appreciated the unexpected call from the comedy icon. He highlighted David’s brilliance and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage in a conversation with him, likening the experience to a scene from the final episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

David’s Perspective

David previously shared his side of the story during an appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, where he admitted his disdain for kickers in football. Although Johnson ultimately decided against implementing David’s suggestion, the UFL did adopt a rule from the XFL, another football league Johnson was involved with: eliminating extra points.

Larry David’s perspective on the role of kickers in football stems from his well-known aversion to what he perceives as the arbitrary and often game-deciding nature of their contributions. This sentiment was echoed during his appearance on The Rich Eisen Show, where he candidly expressed his frustration with the traditional structure of football games. David’s disdain for kickers is rooted in his belief that their involvement can sometimes overshadow the efforts of the players on the field, leading to outcomes that feel anticlimactic or unfair.

During his conversation with Dwayne Johnson, David seized the opportunity to advocate for his unconventional idea of removing kickers from the game entirely. While his suggestion may have initially sounded absurd to Johnson, it reflects David’s penchant for challenging established norms and questioning the status quo. By proposing such a radical change, David demonstrated his willingness to push boundaries and explore alternative approaches to the sport, even if they diverge from tradition.

Despite the apparent impracticality of David’s proposal, Johnson’s reaction to their conversation was characterized by a sense of amusement and appreciation. His description of David as “brilliant” suggests a recognition of the comedian’s unique perspective and creative thinking. Johnson’s willingness to engage in a spirited discussion with David, despite their differing views, speaks to his openness to unconventional ideas and his respect for David’s intellect and wit.


While Larry David’s idea to remove kickers from football games may have been unconventional, it sparked a humorous and engaging conversation between him and Dwayne Johnson. Despite their differing perspectives, both men appreciated the opportunity to connect and share their thoughts on the sport. Ultimately, the exchange exemplifies the lighthearted spirit of collaboration and creativity in the world of entertainment and sports.

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